Sleepless – A Musical Romance

It’s great to get back to some live theatre. Sleepless In Seattle was a 1993 film starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

Telling the story of eight-year-old Jonah, who calls a radio talk show with his Christmas wish, to find his dad a new wife since becoming widowed a year before.

The musical adaption stays true to the original film but changes Annies situation from driving home for Christmas to working as a journalist, chasing the story of the man, sleepless in Seattle who she has heard on the radio.

The staging and set design is nicely done with a cube that centres the stage and spins as the scenes change.

Kimberley Walsh gives a great performance as Annie whilst Jay McGuiness gave an equally impressive performance as Sam. The legendary Harriet Thorpe plays Annie’s mother Eleanor and gives a great performance. The real star of the show was Jobe Hart as Jonah watch out as he will go far.

The Troubadour Theatre was inviting and felt perfectly safe. Great instructions prior to arrival to tell you to bring masks and let you know that temperatures will be taken, track and trace was also in place with one member having to check in on arrival. Inside the theatre seats were in bubbles and areas were blocked out. There was an interval with a full open bar.

Overall a great experience and a very great welcome back to live performance.

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