A Field Of Happiness

The power of social media. I spotted a beautiful photo of Sunflowers on a friend’s instagram and decided that I had to go and visit.

Stretching as far as the eye can see, the beautiful sunflowers in Chorleywood have been lifting spirits after months of lockdown.

Imagine turning a corner and seeing a field of happiness.


I visited Carpenters Wood on Sunday, August 9, early evening and really didn’t know where to find the flowers.  I enjoyed a walk through the woods, listening to the nature, watching the horses in the fields and enjoying the summer sunshine.

When we turned the corner after walking through a beautiful tunnel we were met with a field of yellow flowers which really make anyone who sees them smile.

I loved it so much that I took a friend later the same week, we got caught in the rain but again it didn’t matter because the field just radiates happiness.

The tall single giant headed sunflowers usually bloom towards late summer and last for two to three weeks.

If you want to visit the field in Carpenters Wood here is how you can get there.

There is a footpath in between two houses on Whitelands Avenue into Carpenters Wood.

You walk up that footpath, turn right and walk along the back of the houses until you reach the Barrel Arch bridge under the Met line railway.  


Walk under the bridge and on the left there is the field I’d love to see your pictures of this summer.



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