Easy ways to donate to charity in 2020

Would you like to be able to donate to your favourite charity more often? It is safe to say that a lot of us struggle with saving extra cash to donate but what if there were a few easy and cost effective ways we could donate without having to put money aside ?

Thankfully, there are some ways you could donate money in 2020 without having to break the bank that will leave you feeling great and the charity able to help others.

How often do you shop with Amazon? Isn’t it easy to just click a button add your item to the basket and checkout? Well imagine if you could shop and donate at the same time without it costing you anything.

Well now you can with Amazon Smile

On your first visit to smile.amazon.co.uk you need to select a charitable organisation to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping. They will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make at smile.amazon.co.uk will result in a donation. I have choosen to donate to the Pink Ribbon Foundation but you can choose your favourite charity. You can even download smilematic to ensure you never miss the chance to donate https://couponfollow.com/smilematic

You can also choose to donate through the following sites by bookmarking them on your computer.




Knowing that every time you shop your favourite charity earns too is a great feeling.

Other ways to get involved are to find products that donate to charity too – you buy a gift for someone and know that it also donates to charity too.

The Pink Ribbon Foundation have a great list of companies that support them and I will always check this list when I need to buy something to see if any of these companies can meet my needs.

For example Flamingo Candles have a whole range of candles that have been designed specifically for the Pink Ribbon Foundation and as a result 20% of sales are donated to the charity or Hastings Direct will donate 10% when taking out a car insurance policy or even Moda in Pelle who who donate at various times of the year when you buy a pair of shoes.



Unwanted gifts or having a clear out? Did you know you can donate a percentage of your sales when selling on www.ebay.co.uk


During this uncertain time with #Covid19 charities are finding it increasingly hard as the regular events they rely on for income have been cancelled.

Pink Ribbon have used the time to be creative and produced a fantastic raffle give.pinkribbonfoundation.org.uk/raffles giving you the chance to win some fabulous prizes. Starting at just £5 a ticket you have a chance to win a Brigit’s Bakery Classic Afternoon Tea Bus London Tour with Prosecco or even a luxurious overnight spa break at The Glass House Detox and Wellness Centre.

Next month will see the chance for you to get involved and use your hour’s exercise to good use. Register online to walk one mile a day (should take around 20-25 minutes) and get the friends and family to sponsor or donate in your name – this is a great way to keep fit and to help a great cause. https://give.pinkribbonfoundation.org.uk/event/1/walk-a-mile-a-day-in-may

Let me know how you donate to charity below, I’d love to know and I’m sure others would benefit from it too!

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