9-5 The Musical

Based on the 1980 hit movie starring Dolly Parton, 9 to 5 The Musical has come to London.  It includes songs (music and lyrics) by Dolly Parton herself who cleverly features in the show.IMG_9548

9 to 5 tells the story of three working women who find their voices and take control.

This incredible West End run stars Louise RedknappAmber DaviesNatalie McQueen, Brian Conley and Bonny Langford

Consolidated Industries is managed by the extremely sexist and self-important Franklin Hart Jr.  Violet is a long time employee, she’s always on top of things, knows about everything and trains everyone. Doralee is Mr Hart’s secretary, he makes advances to her which she constantly rebuffs. Judy has just started working at Consolidated but is struggling as she has no work experience. The women come together to teach Mr Hart a lesson and improve the company for everyone. They leave him literally hanging at home and decide to run the office their way!

If you are looking for a couple of hours escapism then this is the show to book. Feel good, upbeat, funny and totally entertaining. Great choreography and obviously great tunes. Great comical moments for both Brian Conley and Bonnie Langford.

The theatre was full which is always a treat, laughing and smiling throughout and up on their feet for the final number.

You will leave the Savoy with a smile on your face

After finishing a highly successful UK tour this summer, 9 to 5 has arrived in London’s Savoy Theatre.

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