Book review – Tell Me Your Secret – Dorothy Koomson

The new Dorothy Koomson book will be published 27 June 2019 by Headline– £12.99 Hardback

Tell Me Your Secret is the fifteenth emotional thriller from bestselling author Dorothy Koomson. An exploration of what it means to be a victim and a survivor in today’s world, as well as how doing the right thing can have devastating consequences, Dorothy once again shows that the ripple effect of crime impacts on everyone -even those who, at first glance, aren’t connected to the crime.

I was lucky to receive an advance copy of this fantastic book.

As always Dorothy deals with very topical issues including race and identity.

Pieta has a secret … Ten years ago, Pieta was kidnapped by ‘The Blindfolder’; a man who said he wouldn’t kill her if she kept her eyes closed 48 hours. She never told anyone what happened to her, vowing to move on with her life. But when her attacker starts hunting down his past victims, Pieta realises she may finally be forced to tell her deepest secrets to stay alive.

Jody has a secret … Fifteen years ago, policewoman Jody made a terrible mistake that resulted in a serial killer know as ‘The Blindfolder’ escaping justice. When Jody discovers journalist Pieta survived his attack, she realises she many finally have found a way to catch him. But that would mean endangering innocent people.

From the first page Dorothy engages the reader and leaves them wanting more. The characters stand alone with their stories, and the book takes you back and forth through their lives to help you understand their motives for their behaviours.

This book is full of beautifully carved characters who enrich the storyline and keep you on your toes.

I literally couldn’t put this book down but also didn’t want it to finish. Putting myself in the character’s place I questioned what I would do or how I would react in a similar situation and honestly everyone deals with life in a different way and needs to protect themselves from getting hurt again, there is no right or wrong only different.

Huge applause to Dorothy on another fabulous book. In my opinion this is her best yet, I have been a fan since the beginning and watched and read as her writing has evolved, every book is fantastic but for me this one keeps playing on my mind challenging my opinions and asking questions and that can only be a good thing.

Don’t take my word for it order a copy for yourself and see what you think. Come back and let me know.

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