Walking is good for your health


Living in a family where all 3 kids have Aspergers can be challenging so many years ago I looked for an outlet for me that would get me out of the house and give me some me time.

I love fundraising and signed up to take part in the London Moonwalk – 26.2miles walking through London during the night  in a decorated bra. This gave me a purpose for walking and an excuse (to myself) that I needed to get out as I had to train without feeling guilty

Walk the Walk is a fabulous charity set up by Nina Barrough in 1996. Participators are expected to take on their chosen challenge of a half or full marathon wearing a decorated bra which obviously gets people talking and raises awareness of breast cancer.

Training is essential and the charity are great by providing a plan for you to follow – believe me if you train successfully you will recover faster. One thing though is that no matter how much training you do nothing prepares your body for walking through the night and missing a whole night’s sleep. (unless of course you train through the night)

Flash forward quite a few years and I have now successfully completed 10 London Moonwalks and a Sunwalk.

For me the challenge is the walking but if I can put it to good use it makes me feel great, in 2015 my friend and I really decided to test ourselves the motivator being raising money for charity, together we took on the London to Brighton 100kms walk which tested us immensely both physically and mentally. After 28 1/4 hours we crawled to the finish line feeling elated and exhausted and vowed never to put ourselves through it again.

You know what’s coming next!

Last year in a moment of madness my friend and I wanting to make a difference signed up to walk 100kms along the Thames Path. We set off one Saturday morning in September (a year ago today) at 6am to get to Putney for the starting point feeling extremely nervous. By 8am we were ready to go but feeling anxious knowing that we would still be walking 24 hours later. The fact that we were both fundraising for causes close to our heart really does put things into perspective. Karoline was raising money for The Brain Tumour Charity as a close friend of hers was undergoing treatment whilst I opted to help Young Minds  due to the difficulties my daughter was suffering and knowing that by raising funds I could help someone avoid what I had been through.

Elated and exhausted we crossed the finish line after 25 hours.

So today whilst I am reminiscing and feeling proud of my achievement & grateful  that I have a great friend who I shared the experience with. I am telling you that we all have it in us to help make a difference there is something for everyone for 5kms to 100kms and if it’s not for you then you can help donate to someone who is taking on these challenges.

What will be next? It really hard for me to not take on a challenge as my mind tells me that I am fit and able to do them and by taking them on I can actually do something towards helping someone else.


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