One in a Million – Lindsey Kelk

Lindsey Kelk is the author of 15 fabulous books. I her latest one One in a Million from Chorleywood Bookshop when they hosted Lindsey on tour with the awesome Paige Toon & Giovanna Fletcher.

This latest book didn’t disappoint. In fact I was laughing out loud in places

Meet Annie a great central character,  quirky, hardworking and lots of fun.She is faced with a bet to make the next person she meets a social media hero.

The unlikely hero was Sam -a historian who is about to be given an Instagram makeover. which might even change his life.

Two unlikely people drawn together by a challenge – what will happen?

Various relationships along the way, a gorgeous cat, a shout out for start-ups and lots more

Moral of the story is to accept yourself as you are and to be you!

I finished this book wanting to have Annie’s job, social media whizz – I loved that Lindsey shared her own in depth knowledge and fascination with social media and built it into her book.

I already want a sequel,  there’s so much potential for more Annie and Sam stories.

Book signings are so great as not only do you get to meet the author but you get to listen to how they piece together their ideas, how they manage their time writing and so much more IMG_4359


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